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McCormick Technical Consulting, LLC



Founded in 2011, McCormick Technical Consulting, LLC functions as an extension of your team, on board with your vision, communicating the risks and opportunities but allowing you to focus your energy on your product while we design, develop, and deliver the underlying motors and electromechanical systems that will power it.

Our services range from troubleshooting problems and initial concept development, to computer simulation, detailed product design and full qualification. We can then take the lead in the development of the suppliers, manufacturing processes and quality systems required to successfully deliver innovative products on schedule and within budget.


- Assemblies, Parts, Process & Product Road


- Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Quality Systems
- Program Management from Concept to Production


Typically our first introduction to a client begins with a problem to solve. Either troubleshooting a failure that has shut down production, or stepping into a new product development project to address a missed performance or cost goal. From averting a crisis, we look further upstream, working with the client to determine the appropriate motor and control technologies, supply base and commodity strategies necessary to meet their longer term goals.

Our clients include high volume manufacturers of consumer products as well as providers of customized solutions for the industrial market. Many of our clients are in the top 3 in their industry, where competition is fierce, there's daily pressure to bring innovation, performance, and value, and time is money.


Delivery means just that so we are there from the concept through to running good parts at line rate at Pilot, then confirming reliability and evaluating warranty after early production. That applies whether that production is in your plant or sourced from one of our long-standing manufacturing partners where we stand beside them every step of the way.